Melbourne Recital Centre is more than just a venue. We are the heart of live music in Victoria.

Beyond our annual program of concerts – featuring the very best of all types of music – we invest deeply in nourishing our community of emerging local artists, ensuring a bright musical future for us all.

We connect young musicians with their musical heroes, to their peers, to career-building resources, to our world-class stages, and to welcoming audiences. Inspired by these experiences, the young musicians who take part in our Young Artist Development programs are uniquely supported to build flourishing musical careers that enrich us all.

Offered for free to all participants, our enriching suite of mentoring, learning, and performance opportunities is only made possible thanks to the generous support we receive each year from music-lovers like you.

By making a gift to Melbourne Recital Centre this financial year, you will be investing in inspiration.

Your support will ensure young musicians at the start of their careers will have the opportunity to:

  • Perform, rehearse and develop their ideas in the exceptional, world-class Primrose Potter Salon
  • Be mentored by professional performers and industry experts
  • Access grants and resources to support the development of their artistic businesses
  • Debut on our stages and participate in prestigious performance competitions
  • Attend inspiring concerts at the Centre for free or at very low cost

Your support contributes to the success of every young musician who takes part in Melbourne Recital Centre’s artistic development programs.

Thank you for ensuring a bright musical future for us all.​​​​​​​

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